Swaraj Thresher is fully safe due to proper size of the feed cutter, it comes with a diesel engine and a very robust design. It is most suitable for wheat, soyabean, black grams and beans threshing.

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PARAMETERS Swaraj thresher
Variants Swaraj thresher
Engine Model M55
Type Paddy Thresher
Threshing Unit Type Spike Tooth
Diameter 543 mm
Length 1800 mm
Concave Type Semi Cyndrical
Length 1430 mm
Sieve Type Oscillating
Number 2
Blower No.of Blades Centrifugal type fan, Four blades
Diameter 623 mm
Number 4
Overall Dimensions (mm) Length 4175 mm
Width 1957 mm
Height 1890 mm
Total Weight ( Kg.) 1250 kg
Output Capacity 1.2 – 1.25 Ton/Hour*
Power Requirement 26.1-41.0kW (35 – 55 HP)

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